Best Online MMORPG Games for Android

MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. As the full form suggests, you can understand that these types of games are played by thousands and also millions of people around the globe online and each of these is a role playing game in which a player plays a certain role.

We all know the gaming industry has come to a lot of advancement now and each and every game nowadays tries to do its best when it comes to multiplayer.

Apart from MMORPGs another thing that is played vastly online is online pokies. It is an Australian term that is given to the widely popular casino slot games.

But let us not divert ourselves from the main topic here. We will see some of the best MMORPG games for Android device and let’s start.

Order & Chaos Online

Consider it a mobile version of the much popular PC title World of Warcraft but whatever message that may send, this game is just a pleasure to play. It is one of the BEST MMORPG that is available for mobile even today and it used to be a paid game before but now it is totally free and you must try it out.

Dragon Eternity

This game is a combination of amazing graphics and the huge exploration area that it provides. You can explore and collect plethora of things and with the combination of all these things, the game makes up for a really great MMORPG.

Arcane Legends

Next in the list is the newest game in the Pocket Legends series. It has a special place because this was the very first MMORPG game to be made available on Android.

The newer updates have made the game compatible to a lot more devices and have also optimized how the game plays by making it smoother and faster. You have number of areas to explore and lots of customization you can do.

Armed Heroes

I agree, the graphics of this game aren’t that great when compared to the ones that I have listed here but when compared to the titles listed above, it’s really nice to play and provides you the same amount of fun as the others.

Choose your character and the gameplay after that is not going to be boring at all as there are so many customizations that you can do and you will never get bored.

So these were some of the best MMORPG games available for Android. Just click the titles and it will redirect to Play Store.

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