Internet Memes Are Ideas That Are Capable Of Going Viral

Internet memes are the latest thing that has rapidly grown over the past few years. Some of the most popular memes has gained their mass popularity within a few hours. The reason for this is that they are very funny and can be easily related to everyone and to all communities. The memes can be easily shared with the help of all the social media websites and also with the help of emails as well. Suppose, you come across a meme and found it to be very funny, you will then instantly share it will all your friends. Your friends will also share the same meme with their set of friends and it goes on.

The starting of meme

Memes were around long before the internet came. It can be defined as an idea, style or behavior that is capable of spreading from one person to another person within a culture. The word meme was derived from the Greek word “mimeme”, which means that something is imitated. The memes usually replicate by travelling from one person’s brain to another person’s brain. It can be therefore stated that a meme can be any piece of information that is capable of being copied. Also, it must be noted that if information can be copied then it will definitely be copied.

Memes are all around us. People try to copy the way their favorite movie star or their favorite sports star walk. We also copy the way people talk or we at least copy a certain catchphrase that sticks in our brain. The way we wear our clothes by copying or imitating someone. These wearing clothes after watching someone is a cultural meme. We copy some habit or knowledge. Remember how we all thought that smoking makes us look cool. All these are classic examples of memes and the memes use our brains to move from one person to another. It must be noted that all information or knowledge are mimetic, but at the same time not all them are a meme. The reason for this is only those ideas are considered as a meme, those who can find a way to replicate themselves and are capable of surviving for a long time. It could be anything from a unique hair style or the way you trim your moustache.

How memes work

Memes work just like an organism as it has the capability of replicating, evolving and mutilating. As mentioned by the British professor Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene, that a meme works just like a gene. These memes replicates by moving from one brain to another and it does not stop there as they also interact with other memes and thus creating a whole new one in the process.

What exactly is an internet meme?

Internet meme is nothing but an image, video or a catchphrase that many people find it humorous and as a result they also spread it so that others can also enjoy them. The most common type of memes that are found on the internet is a picture of an animal or a person with a funny caption.

There are multiple websites where you can create a meme and submit your best meme. These websites will also help you to find out the most popular meme faces to use them on your own meme. These websites also guides you how to create a meme easily and quickly. Since, memes are such a huge hit there are many community for meme generators where meme fanatics can interact with each other and share each other’s ideas. Find informationon about the latest advances in technology at

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