The New Housing: Using Technology to Simplify and Innovate has changed itself into a new avatar. This new look is not merely a face lift. It consolidates the strengths of the portal and presents itself to the world as an organization that is capable of bringing about sustainable change. The portal has always been able to view issues differently. Therefore it has also been able to offer unique solutions as well. For the past two and a half years, has successfully been “terra forming” the property market search. The portal has not only created innovative services but also extended them with equal ease on the mobile devices using its real estate search app.

Now the new face of evolves from a perfunctory and elegant tool to a confident and elegant brand. The portal has a vision and a mission statement. The vision aims at helping the world live better. The mission is to become ‘10X better’. As it is easy to see, the former is enabled by the latter. The portal now intends to stride confidently into the future armed with optimism and innovation. These are the guiding principles which would set the future course. In the mean time, the company would inculcate the principles of its mission into the core of its functions. It would constantly try to out see, out think and out do competition. Not only will it not settle for the second position, but also it will not stop at success. The aim is to change the game and remain on top. This is the reason why the new comes across as optimistic, aspirational and elegant. The elegance lies in the portal’s ability to simplify information which has been derived using complex means.

Innovation as the driving factor

Ever since its inception, has been trying to bring about a change in the way properties can be searched online. It has also introduced numerous property related services in the same vein. The objective at all times has been to bring about transparency in the way property related business is conducted. Technology and mathematics have been the enablers of innovative features at all times. The portal intends to carry on in the same spirit. However innovation is not possible without faith and flexibility. Faith requires perseverance and flexibility requires the ability to switch from task to task. Therefore it is not easy to innovate. It takes a positive mindset to overcome hurdles therefore optimism is a crucial. The portal has recognized it and made it the driving force alongside innovation as it walks into the unknown.

The changes to the website have not been subtle. The logo and the colours are evident everywhere, infusing a new spirit into the way business is conducted on the portal. However the ability to use services have not been diminished and the options are readily available. They have been segregated assuredly for efficiency purpose but nothing is hard to find. For example, if you are looking for a room for rent in Delhi, you will be able to find one as soon as you open the page and are greeted by the ‘Look Up’ icon.

To Conclude

Technology never did and never will take a back seat where is concerned. With its ambitious mission statement, innovation as well as technology will play a crucial role in the future.

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