Warm-up for the League Matches with Fantasy Football

As we approach the end of 2016, people all over the world are getting ready for the 2016 National Football League season. If you are a die-hard fan of football, chances are you are already gearing up for the League matches. As an addictive hobby, playing fantasy football is quite common, with over 33 million participates. It is all about winning the championship with your filled rosters. Prepare yourself for the League matches that lie ahead later on this year with our recommendation of the best fantasy football applications.

Here are a couple of Fantasy Football League Apps that will help you stay ahead of your friends in knowing the latest news and trends in football.

  1. ESPN Fantasy Sports: ESPN Fantasy Sports is an exciting and engaging application that gives the users a chance to join existing leagues or create new leagues, get player rankings, make trades, draft your team, edit lineups, follow your team, get expert opinions and also get a summary of your team’s performance via mail.
  2. NFL Fantasy Football: This app comes directly from the NFL and is their official app that gives players the opportunity to create and join fantasy leagues, get expert analysis, player news, live scoring and customize setting. It is also possible to manage multiple teams with this app. The best part about this app is that it gives notification when a player from your roster is playing.
  3. RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit: This android-friendly app is all about playing on the go. With its ability to be stored on thedevice, it is not essential to connect to the internet in order to participate. RootWire FantasyBased on your league’s scoring you can also access cheat sheets, analysis and new about players, mock drafts, team depth charts and much more. The best part is that you can maximize your score as the app adjusts player rankings.
  4. Football Fantasy Football Draft Dominator:This is a paid app that has bigger and better features than all the rest of the crew. With over 60 experts’ opinion, it allows the users to customize settings of the football league. Preparing, adapting and tracking your drafts is easier with this app. You can also use mock drafts to prepare for your final draft. Apart from this, you can also get updates on player rankings and players, all through the season.

Get ready for the upcoming league matches by warming up with the Fantasy Football apps. Also, update yourself on the latest football news and keep in touch with the football world. Follow your favorite players and team and get instant updates on their activities with these apps.

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