What Homeowners Need to Know and Own for Hurricane Season

Prior to any hurricane watch or warning alert, homeowners should have knowledge about a number of things. Homeowners would be in much more danger if they didn’t know about any preparedness tips or what they should own during hurricane season. First thing homeowners need to consider buying is flood insurance.


Disaster Can Strike With or Without You Being Prepared for It

The first thing a homeowner needs to know, where they would go if they were given an order of evacuation. They need to be sure they have an adequate disaster supply kit put together, including cash, flashlight, batteries, first aid supplies, water, and copies of any critical information. Be sure a family emergency communication plan is created and practiced prior to a storm.

If you are not advised to evacuate and stay in your home, supplies should be owned and stored in case power is lost for several days. For the loss of power, generators would be used. They should have a commercial dehumidifier, due to flooding and excess moisture inside their home after the storm. A shop wet/dry vacuum is what can be used to quickly remove water from inside the home, using the generator to run these tools if there is no power to the home. Homeowners should also own a commercial air blower during hurricane season to speed up the drying process and supplement air movement. While running the wet/dry vacuum and commercial air blower, homeowners should also have a light commercial dehumidifier running to remove excess moisture from their home. These tools help in the prevention of mold and mildew growth, which can lead to serious health issues.

If power is not lost, or the generator can handle an air scrubber, it is recommended to have one of these running as well to be sure as many pollutants in the air are removed as possible. For more information about water damage restoration contact AerIndustries.com.

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